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Steve Martin | Director of Golf

  • Professional Experience: PGA Professional for 18 Years
  • College Experience: Methodist College Feyetteville, North Carolina
  • High School Experience: Cuyahoga Falls High School

Mission Statement:

There is no task that is too great or too small that we can do for our members.  We are here to provide our members and their guests with unparalleled service and dedication that only the finest private club can offer!

My Teaching Goals:

My teaching goals are simple to provide excellent golf instruction on the level that fits the player’s wants and needs in their desire to become a better golfer. I believe while teaching a student the student must set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, and relevant in a timely manner.

  • Started and continue to run a successful PGA Junior Golf League Program
  • Instructed over 300 individual golf lessons and a wide variety of clinics and seminars
  • Head Coach for East Lake High School Boys Golf Team

Golf Philosophy

Golf is a Game for a life time, therefore our goals are to assist the student achieve and most importantly maintain their desired level of ability on a long term basis.

Therefore, we are not interested in the quick fix, band aid, or overnight miracle cure neither for your golf swing nor in most cases interested in totally rebuilding your golf swing.

Our main focus has been and always will be on the Fundamentals that make a swing repetitive and more consistent. This method and philosophy has proven successful over the years with the many thousands of students taught.

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